Inclusion / Student Support

All members of staff are involved in the welfare and progress of students. When students enter the school they will be allocated a Tutor who will look after the student for five years until they progress into Post 16.  Tutors know and care for each student in a particular Tutor group and are responsible for students’ work, conduct and attendance.

Co-ordinating the work of the Tutors are:


Inclusion Team


7 – 11 Miss M Dennis Deputy Headteacher: Inclusion
7 – 11 Mr P Brewer Associate Assistant Headteacher: Attendance
Mrs N MacRae Inclusion Manager: Administration
11 Mr K Green Senior Year Team Leader team (Year 11)
9 – 10 Mrs S Green Year Team Leader (Years 9 & 10)
7 – 8 Mr A Emerson Year Team Leader (Years 7 & 8)
12 & 13 Miss S Collings Head of Post 16
7 – 13 Mrs N Dulson SENCo
7 – 11 Mrs Gilly Hull Relationships Based Learning Mentor
7 – 11 Mrs S Cunningham Student and Parent Support Advisor

We refer to this team as the Inclusion Team

These members of staff have overall charge of supporting both the pastoral and academic systems.

Tutor Groups

The Tutor plays an important part in helping students to settle into their new school and for ensuring they are happy, contented and working well. If you have any concerns over your son’s / daughter’s schooling you should contact the Tutor in the first instance. The Tutor meets the students daily for a twenty minute Tutorial Period.

There are five assemblies each week. These are year or guild -based and are delivered by the Inclusion team, senior staff and outside speakers. Assemblies are linked to a theme which can then be studied during tutorial periods.

Contact With Parents

The school philosophy is that of an ‘open’ school; we encourage parents’ consistent contact, interest, help and encouragement. We will be pleased to discuss any aspect of the student’s school life. Contact regarding your child’s progress should initially be by appointment with their Tutor. The tutor will get to know the student well and in most cases will be able to deal with any concerns or worries. Please contact the tutor in the first instance.

Where you need further help, the Inclusion team is available to you. In addition, the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for student welfare is always willing to see you if you are seriously worried or concerned about your child’s school life, or in case of emergency.