Duke of Edinburgh

What’s it all about?

This nationally recognised award scheme has been running for over 50 years; the aim is to help young people plan and undertake their own programme of activities to develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
It’s not just about walking over Dartmoor!
The award is equally about learning new skills, assisting others and carrying out activities that they enjoy. It is levelled at bronze, silver and gold.

What are the benefits?
The award will bring out the best in young people in a non competitive environment; here are some of the benefits;
• Self – belief
• Self – confidence
• Personal development
• Learn new skills
• Teamwork
• Awareness of potential
• Have some fun!

Who is eligible to enrol?
Anyone in Year 9 – 13

What do you have to do?
Each level has the following sections;
Volunteering – to encourage service to individuals and the community, it could include activities such as helping out at after school clubs or St John’s Ambulance ie. helping others
Skills – to encourage personal interests, social and practical skills, this could include learning to play a new musical instrument, fashion design, fly fishing, ICT, juggling or drama
Physical Recreation – to encourage participation and improvement in physical activity, could include activities like surfing, sailing, mountain biking, dance or yoga
Expedition – to encourage the spirit of adventure, this section involves a 2 day walk with an overnight stay

How long does it take?
Assuming you spent about an hour a week carrying out the awards activities it should take about:
Bronze 6 – 9 months
Silver 9- 12 month
Gold 18 months

How do I get started?
Information has been given out (or will be given out shortly) via letters or assemblies. Anyone requiring further information or details should contact Mrs Sutherland on 01752 406961.


L Sutherland
Duke of Edinburgh Manager