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Ten Tors Challenge 2019

After another successful Ten Tors Challenge Coombe Dean students will once again have the opportunity to join students from Devonport High School for Girls for a joint training programme. This will be overseen by Mr Costin who has managed Ten Tors teams for a number of years and has established a great team of volunteers who are used to working alongside staff from both schools providing fantastic assistance.

Coombe Dean students wishing to train for the Ten Tors Challenge will be overseen by Mrs Hodges, assisted by other staff including myself and our own team of volunteers. We are fortunate that Mr Hodges, a Deputy Head teacher at a Plymouth primary school, a qualified International Mountain Leader and experienced member of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team has, again agreed to support us.

The table below shows the dates for the training schedule. To be considered for either the 35 or 45 teams, students will need to be committed to the training schedule. They should make every effort to ensure that they can attend all these dates. Teams will be selected on the basis of the observations made by staff, throughout the training schedule. Remember ten Tors is a team challenge, and the best team is not always made up of the strongest individuals! That said, all students should seek to become as proficient ass possible in all areas of the challenge: physical fitness, navigation, camp-craft, team work, first aid and group leadership.

More details about timings, routes, equipment etc. will be given prior to each event. Parents are asked to complete a standard Coombe Dean consent form (Click Here), which will be used throughout the training schedule. It is imperative that staff are informed of any changes to this during the course of the year.

Please do not hesitate to contact either me or Mrs Hodges if you have any queries regarding the Ten Tors Challenge 2019.


Richard Woodland

Head teacher (and qualified Mountain leader with 19 years experience of training Ten Tors teams)

6 Oct 18 Taster Walk Princetown New 35 teams
1 Nov 18 Parents Ten Tors Briefing Coombe Dean School New 35 teams
3 Nov 18 Introduction to Navigation Devonport High School for Girls New 35 teams
10/11 Nov 18 Practical training weekend

(including training walk)

Sat – Coombe Dean School

Sun – South Moor

All 35’s and any new 45/55’s
1 Dec 18 Day walk with day sacks North Moor (Anthony Stile) All teams
15 Dec 18 Day walk with day sacks North Moor (Dartmoor Inn) All teams
12 Jan 19 Day walk with back packs (full kit) North Moor (Postbridge) All teams
26 Jan 19 Day walk with back packs (full kit) North Moor (Four Winds) All teams
9 Feb 19 Day walk with back packs (full kit) South Moor (Princetown) All teams
1 Mar 19 Night Navigation and overnight camp

(Early finish on Sat at the Fox Tor Café)

South Moor (Gutter Tor) 45/55 teams
2 Mar 19 Expedition Kit check and camp-craft refresher Coombe Dean School All 35 teams
9/10 Mar 19 Weekend Expedition with overnight camp North Moor – Fox and Hounds All teams
23/24 Mar 19 Weekend Expedition with wild camp North Moor All teams
27/28 Apr 19 Weekend Expedition with wild camp

(Early finish on Sat at the Fox Tor Café)

South Moor All teams
1 May 19 10 Tors Event briefing/Kit check Devonport High School for Girls Selected teams and reserves
10/11/12 May 19 10 Tors Event Okehampton Camp Selected teams and reserves

To read the news post on Ten Tors 2018 – Click Here



When is it? – May 10th to the 12th 2019

Who can take part? – Anybody in Year 10 – 13

What is it all about?
  – Ten Tors is a very straight forward proposition.

(Exerpt from the Exeter University Website …)

“Think of a marathon – you’d need to cover 26 and a bit miles.  You’d need to be fit, and marathons are on roads, mostly.

But Ten Tors adds another ten miles – or, if you’re up for it, another twenty miles.  Or, if you’re insane, almost thirty miles to that original twenty-six.  Tough enough?

Now add the requirement that you stop, cook and eat at least two meals on your route – and that you sleep out overnight and carry everything with you that you need  – so add a tent, cooking gear, food, water and a sleeping bag to the stuff you’re going to carry.  Forget the road – you’ll do it over Dartmoor.  Dartmoor can be cruel, so add wet- and cold-weather gear to that pair of running shorts you had in mind, and to that load you’re going to cram into a rucksack.

About the route – forget those neat painted lines to guide you.  You’ll be told to visit ten tors specific to you that you have to check in at, and you’ll be told which ones they are on the morning before you start.  So there’s a bit of navigation, and Dartmoor’s tors  tend to be at the top of its many hills…

The good news is you’ve got twenty four hours to cover the ground.  But that’s a maximum.  (You’ll be stopped for your overnight camp at eight pm, and you won’t be allowed to start again before six.  If you don’t get home before five on Sunday afternoon – you don’t get home…).  And you’ll do it as part of a team of six – you’ll get a certificate if all six of you finish, but you’ll be pulled out if your team drops below four.

And you don’t have to run, the objective is to finish – Ten Tors isn’t a race!

The truly astonishing thing is that you – two thousand four hundred of you, every year for the last fifty years – volunteer, ask, want and even demand to do this!!
And the more incredible thing is that you’re too old to enter if you’re twenty.

Ten Tors is the toughest challenge there is, and you want to do it for the same reason people climb mountains, for the same reason people sail around the world – not to be the first, not even to be the fastest or the best;  you need to see if you can do it.  It’s not about the mountain, or the sea, or even Dartmoor – it’s about you, five mates, and whether you’ve got the drive, spirit and determination to keep going no matter what’s thrown at you on the way.   One man put it a whole lot more succinctly than I can:

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” (Vince Lombardi  1913 – 1970)

What do I have to do to take part? –   See me without delay!

Read more on the challenge on the Ten Tors website: http://www.tentors.org.uk/


R Woodland

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