The Great Egg Race

On 19th June 2017, 25 Year 5 students from five local primary schools took part in the Coombe Dean Great Egg Race. This year the challenge was based on designing an innovative vehicle to transport an egg as far as possible, the vehicle containing the egg also had to survive a 10ft drop in one piece.

The teams (all named after famous Scientists and Engineers) had to design their vehicles and build it from an assortment of scrap. Each group was given a budget of £5 to fund their idea, they visited the scrap shop and made their purchases after careful planning. The creativity and teamwork shown by all the teams was impressive. Goosewell were first to spend their £5, closely followed by Elburton and Hooe who purchased some pretty pink ribbon for their design! Charlotte from Oreston was particularly focused and considered her purchases for her team to ensure they were as successful as possible. Goosewell School had impressive teamwork skills. All teams completed the challenge within the allotted time and successfully met the brief to build a dual purpose vehicle.

After this it was the task of Miss Seymour and Mrs McCarthy to judge the designs, how well the teams worked together and if the egg had stayed in piece after being dropped by Mr Woodland! As we went round we were really impressed by how all the teams had worked together and the ideas they had.

The Winners of the whole competition were Wembury who designed a vehicle that was engineered considering momentum which had never been thought of before. Hooe Primary were awarded runner up, their design was well thought out and used resources in a clever way. Goosewell School were awarded the Great Egg Race team work award, everyone in the team contributed and Oreston and Elburton were awarded participation certificates. Overall we were both really impressed with the determination and teamwork that each school’s representatives displayed. Miss Seymour described it as ‘The best Great Egg Race yet!’

Special thanks to all of the Year 8 Volunteers and a selection of Year 12s who helped throughout the day and ensured that everything ran smoothly.


J Seymour and S McCarthy

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