Important Exam Information

The exams section of the school website (see link below) now has detailed arrangements for each day of exams, starting Monday 13th May. Along with this guide, you will find an exam information booklet which gives information about results days and answers frequently asked questions – such as how you can get results if you are away. This page also has information about post-results services, which can be accessed once the results have been released and includes remarks. 

Students in Year 11 will have a largely normal timetable, which includes additional preparation sessions for exams on most days until Friday 7th June. From this point, students have additional preparation sessions focusing on the subjects they still have to sit exams in. Students are encouraged to attend fully, as per the stated arrangements. This is so that they maintain contact with their Teachers in-order to support the revision they are doing at home and in preparation for the exams.

Should there be an issue nationally with any exams, please be reminded that the contingency day set by the exam boards is 26th June 2019. This day should be kept free of any arrangements in-case a significant and unexpected event arises nationally, or locally, during the exam period. This is so that no students (or a large number of them) are able to take an exam when planned.

Exams page of the website:

A reminder to please join the Year 11 Exam Support Facebook group in-order to be kept up-to-date with the latest exam news:

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