Pi Day

Last week Pi fever swept the Maths department at Coombe Dean School. Students across Key Stage 3 have been learning about Pi and taking part in various different competitions.  Some students competed to see how many digits of Pi they could remember – the current world recorder holder recited an impressive 70030 digits!

The Pi battles have been taking place at Coombe Dean in students’ Maths lessons. The most digits memorised was 98 by Peter C in Year 8, this was closely followed by Gi Nam K and Caroline W in Year 8 who memorised 71 and 66 digits respectively. Some of the top results are given below:

Year 7

Ellie D 32
Sina V 24
Paige G 21

Year 8

Peter C 98
Gi Nam K 71
Caroline W 66

As well as memorising Pi, some students have been busy baking Pi pies – or cakes for those with a sweet tooth! The Pi pies (and cakes) were thoroughly enjoyed by their classes and all looked and tasted amazing!

Our top three Pi pies/cakes were baked by Mia P, Hannah B and Jasmine H.

Well done to all students who participated in the Pi day competitions!


B Kellham

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