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Subject Leader: C Granville

Deputy Subject Leader: Neil Thomas

Subject Team: Jenny French, Shelley Jacks, Daisy Proctor, Judith Davey, Vanessa Giraud, Stuart Sinclair and Melissa Dennis


General subject statement:

To fully prepare students for the skills needed for GCSE English Literature/Language

Key Stage 3:

Year 7:

Term 1-2: Initial formal assessment, followed by Literary Fiction and class novel
Term 3-4: Literary non-fiction, and poetry
Term 5-6: Introduction to Shakespeare/Media

Year 8 Term 1-2: Literary fiction/Poetry, followed by AQA reading and writing assessment
Term 3-4: Literary non-fiction followed by class novel
Term 5-6: Media/Shakespeare

*All students to be assessed by AQA key stage three assessment

Key Stage 4:

Year 9:

Term 1-2: Poetry anthology: Poetry and unseen poetry. Lit fiction, using a model text to annotate
Term 3-4: 19th Century novel/Literary non-fiction
Term 5-6: GCSE Shakespeare – Macbeth/ Prose text

Year 10: Term 1-2: Literature Paper 2, Section A. Language, paper 1, sections A and B
Term 3-4: Literature paper 2, section A – Macbeth. Language paper 2
Term 5-6: Literature, paper 1/19th C novel. June mock exams
Year 11: Term 1-2: 2 weeks – poetry cluster. Five weeks, Blood Brothers. Mock exam in first week, following half term. Lit, paper 2, plus mock in last week of autumn term
Term 3-4: Revision of Literature, paper 2, followed by a mock exam
Term 5-6: Preparation for exams

Key Stage 5:

Year 12:

Full year – Aspects of Tragedy: The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman, Othello and poetry of John Keats, followed by exam.

Year 13: Social and Political Writing/Revision of Year 12, Aspects of Tragedy

Examining board – AQA: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/english

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