Key Stages

Key Stage 3 Years 7 & 8 Age 11-13
Maths, English, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics, Product Design, Art, French, German, Music, PE, Food and Spanish.
Key Stage 4: Years: 9 & 11 Age: 13-16
Level 3 Maths, English, English Literature, Continued Science Trilogy (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), ICT, Computing, History, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics , Art, French, German, Music, PE, Business Studies, Art, 3D+2D,, Food, Product Design, Life Skills – Careers and Citizenship.


Key Stage 5: Years: 12 & 13 Age: 16-19
Subjects Additional subjects
offered off-site
Maths, Further Maths, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, BTEC ICT, History, Geography, Art, BTEC Business Studies, Politics, BTEC Sociology, PE, Psychology, BTEC Applied Science, Functional Skills – English and Maths Award, English & Maths GCSE retake. Vocational courses through Plym vocational arrangements leading to National Vocational Qualification in all employment sectors including: Engineering Catering, Care, Sport & Recreation, Retail, ICT, Childcare, Carpentry and many more…

Academic and Vocational Courses through Plymstock, Heles School and Plympton Academy, including: Theatre Studies, Media, Photography, Travel and Tourism, Religious Studies, Public Services, Spanish, French and German.