Product Design

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Subject Team: S Blackledge

General Subject Statement:

Key Stage 3

One Eight Week Module
Year 7
  • Developing an understanding of material properties. Correct use of simple technological language, both written and spoken (literacy skills)
  • Making skills, including measuring, estimating, (numeracy skills), marking, cutting, shaping, joining
  • Health and Safety education and awareness. Simple research and evaluation skills
Year 8
  • Extended research skills. Developing communication skills while using correct technological terminology
  • Individual design work – increased use of enhancement methods
  • Modelling and prototype work. Working to a brief and specification
Year 9 Improving and extending Investigation, Communication and Evaluation skills, Increasing independence with practical work and new skills. This will be the start of the GCSE course and will rely heavily on CAD and CAM.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4
GCSE Product Design
Autumn Spring Summer Exam Board
Year 10 Skill build exercises and projects which will develop and enhance graphical, ICT and practical ability Investigation, research and analysis of an identified problem, and collection and evaluation of information Modeling and cardboard engineering WJEC
Year 11 Design major project Make major project Examination preparation

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