The Renaissance of the Sports Hall

Fitness Suite
Fitness Suite

It’s been a long time coming, but it has been worth the wait.  The Sports Hall complex has been transformed during that time such that it has been changed literally beyond recognition.  If everything looks as if it is new, then that is because it is. 

Gone is the cramped reception area with windowless staff facilities.  In its place comes a vista the length of the building, encompassing a fitness suite equipped to a commercial standard.

Gone are the drab changing rooms with sights and smells of the 1970s.  In their place come separate ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ changing rooms of a standard to attract city and regional representative teams.

There is an opportunity for parents, students and other Friends of the school to use the fitness suite after school hours for just £10 a month.  Details are available from Sports Centre Manager Ian Hodson.

There is a long list of people to thank and acknowledge, and I apologise in advance for not being able to mention everyone in this limited space.

We thank Classic Builders and Vickery Holman, and especially their representatives Mr Mark Carlton and Mr Richard Rhodes respectively for their management of the project which has produced such an outstanding outcome.

We thank Mrs Lindsey James, School Business Manager who has ensured such excellent value for money.

We thank Ms Jenny Fitzpatrick and her team of cleaners who ensured everything shone, glistened and otherwise showed itself to best effect, and who continue to do so.

We have to thank the PE staff for their patience and versatility in maintaining excellent curriculum provision without use of their indoor classrooms for most of the year, and without complaining once.

Finally, we acknowledge the patience of students who co-operated so positively and enthusiastically throughout the year despite the continual changes.  


P Frean

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