This year on May 2nd, Plymouth hosted the start of ‘The Transat’.  Transat solo skippers are currently racing 2,800 miles against each other across the North Atlantic to their final destination of New York, which they hope to achieve between 5 and 19 days.

Last Thursday, Coombe Dean’s sailors extended their school day by finding out a little bit more about TRANSAT, having shown interest in the marine environment through the schools sailing club, or the annual Tall-ships voyages.

Mr Bennett ran a session after school to find out a little more about what kind of boats would actually be racing and how much fibre glass and engineering is behind each boat.  Mr Bennett followed this with a demonstration on displacement by asking students to create a floating plasticine boat, working out the density and gravity needed for this in order to ensure their creation would not sink.   This proved to be more difficult than first anticipated, but some students managed to even create some floating catamarans by the end.

After our session with Mr Bennett, we hopped onto the minibuses to head down to the Barbican. We meet Hervé, who is the Offshore Sailing Events Director of OC Sport, and Anna, who is the Skipper of racing yacht ‘Nivea’. Hervé and Anna gave us talks on how they got into their careers, and explained the endless opportunities available for careers within the world of sailing.  Our students had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and were later taken down to see the racing boats up-close, including seeing some of the previous TRANSAT winning boats.

After receiving some goody bags and taking plenty of pictures, the students are now backing Team Nivea all the way.  We wish Anna the best of luck and safe sailing!

To follow live race progress – Click Here


V Koehler-Lewis

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