Year 11 Autumn Exams

The vast majority of our Year 11 students have sat four exam papers for a mixture of English and Science earlier this week. These students have been working towards their summer 2019 exams, and have conducted themselves very well. They have also adhered to the guidelines that have to be followed when sitting exams.  For students who have been absent, there will be one opportunity to sit the papers on Friday 9th November 2018 – at 9am for English and then for Science.

Parents and students are reminded that in the case of missing a formal exam, compensation can only be applied for with medical evidence. This evidence must support that the student was unable to sit an exam due to an extreme medical condition.

The assembly led by Mr Koehler-Lewis last Monday (for Year 11) can be accessed via the following link:

Year 11 Mock Exams Assembly October 29th 2018


D Hilton

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