Year 4/5 Information Evening – 2014

Despite a Mediterranean evening and the opening match of the Football World Cup, yet again we had to set up overflow facilities in the dining hall when the New Hall was not big enough to accommodate the numbers of parents and pupils visiting us for our Year 4/5 Information Evening on Thursday last week.

A huge number of Year 7 and 8 pupils had volunteered as helpers this year (see the names following this article) and they made an impressive sight as they vied for position to meet and greet our visitors as they parked around the site, and guide them to the New Hall for Mr Frean’s presentation.

A hushed audience watched the video which depicted three students’ experiences of Coombe Dean School from their observations on the school at the beginning of Year 9 to how they feel on completion of their GCSEs in Year 11 – their aspirations and ambitions – a remarkable insight into the maturation process that takes place during secondary education.  Thanks to Billie, Adin and Lucy for contributing to this.

Mr Frean’s presentation showed the diversity of provision at Coombe Dean School and further demonstrated the opportunities which send our young people out into the world as well qualified and mature young adults.  At the end of this parents entrusted their children to our students and staff to provide a flavour of some of the subjects which they would experience in Key Stage 3 at Coombe Dean School: Maths, ICT, Science, Food, Product Design, Art and PE.  Parents had the opportunity to select presentations which sought to answer questions that they might have about secondary education at Coombe Dean School, or take a tour of the school with a member of staff, sixth form or Year 10.

Feedback from parents who visited last week was overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you to all those who assisted with the evening and once again gave visitors the chance to find out what makes Coombe Dean the outstanding school that it is.


L Taylor
Assistant Headteacher, Community

Student Volunteers

Jack Ashcroft, Charlotte Dawson, Brendan Marsh, Joshua May, Katie Britton, Georgia Edwards, Lauren Carter, Chloe Holland, Danielle Hope, Amy Lucas, Clarke Marshall, Daisy McGirr, Reuben Smith, Charlie Webb, Ella McGowan, Charlotte Duffy, Paige Easton, Inga Filipowicz, Aimee Prynn, Cyd Garratt, James Carter, Riley Garratt, Harry Gillett, Marta Kallgren, Georgia Kenny, Adam Koehler, George Piper, Kira Thyer, Connor Ward, Rachael Parry-Wickham, Yasmin Widdecombe, Caitlin Waumsley, Heather Ann Stagg, Callum Warren, Jemima Hosking, Sean Lethbridge, Matt Unwin, Cameron Black and Ed Griffin.

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