Year 4/5 Information Evening

We would like to say thank you to all the Year 4/5 families who came to join us on Thursday evening for our celebration of Coombe Dean.  We hope the evening gave you a taste of what makes our school so special, and look forward to seeing you again in September.

This summer we decided to move much of the event outdoors to let visitors share the atmosphere of the school from the quad which is the centre part of the school that we all pass through constantly throughout the day, and to reflect some of the many outdoor education opportunities students get at Coombe Dean.  The music department, with performances from Resonnance, Year 10 Band, Folk Group and Senior Band provided the musical entertainment throughout the evening and Café Coombe Dean fuelled everyone with BBQ burgers, hotdogs and drinks.

Around the site departments put on activities for parents and children; Escape an Earthquake – get packing!, Double Double Toil and Trouble – make a spell, Murder Mystery – the twins in the tower, Dr Who and Unicorns – an inter-dimensional challenge and the Exploration of Science.  Food was in plentiful supply with Be Smart, Eat Smart, Café Europe, A Taste of Religion.  And creativity came to the fore with the opportunity to code, design and print, design and produce, and contribute to a large piece of artwork.  Post 16 students invited visitors to  Play the Packtype Game, and Build a Bridge, whilst the sports centre put on a gymnastics display and offered a chance for younger visitors to play with the basketball team, and have a go at street surfing.

With so much to do and see, parents also took the chance to find out about our literacy and reading programmes, how to apply for secondary schools, and to meet the Headteacher – an informal opportunity for them to find out more about the vision for Coombe Dean that Mr Woodland shared with them in his introduction at the beginning of the evening.  It was good to see past students returning to the school as parents, and children who have visited the school for primary liaison activities returning.

The evening ended as the Senior Band finished their performances, and the BBQ started to cool down, but still staff and families stayed chatting in the quad as the sun went down on a very successful Information Evening.


L Taylor
Assistant Headteacher (Community)


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