Year 7 Applied Learning Day

It was with some trepidation that we planned activities for the Year 7 Applied Learning Day.  We wanted to get the students outdoors – but the weather has not been promising so far this month.  But all was well, for the wind dropped, the rain halted, and whilst mist hovered there was nothing to stop the students enjoying their time at Wembury completing strandline surveys on the beach, beach art and various problem solving activities run by Wembury Marine Centre and our own staff.

On return to school the students worked with their tutors on an activity using our Packtype cards to help them recognise their personal strengths and how best to use these to promote positive relationships.  Their final activity was a very noisy and exciting drumming session from Zamble African Dance company.

It was a marvellous day, and students appreciated a chance to learn and do new things in different environments in support of our key Applied Learning Day themes of “Relationships” and Living in the Wider World”.

Thanks to all our visitors and Wembury Marine Centre who provided their expertise, and to staff and students for working together to make such an enjoyable day.


L Taylor

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